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Get ready for The Start Fitness Blaydon Race 2024!

Say goodbye to the mad dash and stressful queues! We're introducing a ballot system this year, levelling the playing field for everyone. No more timing your online presence just right. You've got over a week to snag your spot hassle-free.


With 4700 spots up for grabs, it's a 50/50 split between UKA Affiliated and Unaffiliated runners. And this year your entry covers pre and post-race buses too!


You've got until Saturday 17th February to throw your hat in the ring. Successful runners will receive an email to pay and secure their spot by Friday 23rd February, while those who haven't paid up might see their chance passed on to others. The race is on!


Use the link below or visit our website, , to enter ⬇️



Full Timeline of Events


➡️Friday 9th February @ 6AM – Ballot Opens

➡️Saturday 17th February @ 11:59PM – Ballot Closes

➡️Sunday 18th February – Ballot Drawn*

➡️Monday 19th February – Runners Notified & Payment Window Opens**

➡️Friday 23rd February @ 11.59PM – Payment Window Closes

➡️Saturday 24th February – Unpaid Ballots Re-allocated***

➡️Thursday 29th February @ 11:59PM – Entries Close


*Before the ballot is drawn, duplicate applications will be identified and removed to ensure fairness.

**Successful runners will receive an email from - Follow the link in the email to pay and secure your place by Friday 23rd February @ 11:59PM. Unsuccessful runners will also receive an email.

***Unpaid ballots will be offered to unsuccessful runners based on their position in the ballot.


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